The Mid Ulster Advertiser (est. May 1986) is a free advertising paper with regular delivery to 28,500 addresses by Royal Mail 


About us

Established in 1986, the Mid Ulster Advertiser is printed by Spectator Newspapers and published by Mid-Ulster Advertiser Ltd. The regular delivery plus saturation coverage gives advertisers access to a huge potential market. The paper is delivered by Royal Mail throughout Cookstown, Magherafelt and Maghera postal districts.  

Creative Experts


  • Current rates are £5.00 square centimeter column. 
  •  All spot colour is free with separate rates for full colour. 
  •  All advertisements are display advertisements on a tabloid size page. 
  •  Special rates are available for new business features and for repeat advertising. 
  • The rate of £5.00 square centimeter column is the current rate as at January 2018. 
  •  For details of individual advertisement sizes, placings, features and prices please contact us. 

Next Delivery Date

  • Delivery date: 

24 June 2019

  • Deadline for receipt of copy: 

10 June 2019

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